Monday, January 3, 2011

Awkwardly oddly awesomely gorgeously Korean weirdo!

So i said i love Korean, and this is it, my favorite Korean guy, G-Dragon (GD) & TOP! they are a member from my fave Korean boygroup Big Bang that recently made sub-group or duo GD&TOP. Well, basically i like all member of Big Bang (GD, TOP, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung, you can check them in here or their youtube in here) but TOP and Taeyang are my fave, hehehe. So today, GD&TOP's new MV is out! if you already check them, you know GD has weird taste of fashion, he's famous as trendsetter in Korea music industry, while TOP, oh he's just awkwardly oddly awesomely gorgeous! his eyes is my addiction (okay, i'm too much ;p). After their High High MV (you can check it on their youtube, link above), and now Knock Out, watch the MV:

Source: MV is from BigBang's youtube channel.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cute Korean Music

First, i love Korean! I love Korean music (their drama too hehe~) I'm sure gonna post about it a lot soon :p and I love Korean girl!. Recently Korean have the new trio called Orange Caramel, their new music video is so cute and adorable (the outfit, the dance and the theme) fantasy a little girl like and they're charming like a disney girl. The long blonde she's Nana, the brown hair she's Lizzy (my fave!), and the short hair she's Raina. I favorited this MV, must see! A~ing ^-^

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello, I choose this as my first post, because i do want a puppy, like so bad. All puppies are adorable, i don't know which puppy i want the most >.<
Sharpei puppy? 

It's Chinese sharpei, so cute huh, they like blanket or towel >.< (look his nail, kinda scary haha)

or Boston Terrier?

I didn't even know there was Boston Terrier in dog's world before LOL, not before i saw Taeyang's (one of my fave Korean artist hehe) dog called Boss, he's so cute! Boston Terrier have weird dumb face but so adorable! right?! 
How about Maltese puppy? 
So cute and adorable >.<>.< They have button eyes that looks like a doll, their nose too! ang ang ang >.<

I haven't decided yet, but Sherpei and Boston Terrier are kinda hard to find and expensive too! Maltese is cheaper, but haven't found one yet (i don't think i put my best effort) . Can't wait for serendipity to meeting me with my future puppy!.

Photo: 1st & 2nd pic are randomly from google (okay not random, i choose the cutest one), 3rd pic is from tweet of @ssinz